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Welcome - This blog is about helping teenagers and young adults in the country of Moldova who have been discharged from government operated orphanages. They need help learning to live safely on their own, mentoring, getting more education (above the 9th grade), finding jobs and making good decisions. For more information go to http://www.cerikids.org/

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's summer and time for the third annual camp event for our Transitional Living Program. The picture above is from last year's camp - it was great. This year the theme of the camp will be "Viata de succes" or in English - "Life of Success". We will have speakers, activities and discussions focusing on perceptions and realities of success, what success is, setting goals and plans for personal success. This will be a great opportunity for about 85 to 90 of the youth in the CERI program for personal growth. The team from the U.S. will consist of 4 people from San Antonio, TX, 2 from Midlothian, VA and 1 from Atlanta, GA. Posts to this blog will occur over the course the camp - The Lord willing and internet access :)

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