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Welcome - This blog is about helping teenagers and young adults in the country of Moldova who have been discharged from government operated orphanages. They need help learning to live safely on their own, mentoring, getting more education (above the 9th grade), finding jobs and making good decisions. For more information go to http://www.cerikids.org/

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This posting is being done now that I am back in Chisinau and have a firmer grip on the illusive internet. The camp is over, but really continues in the lives of the 90 young people who participated in the 6 full days of Viata de Succes. What an incredible time of watching, engaging and learning. I have over 200 pictures (and I took the fewest of all the team). The two posted here don't even scratch the service or begin to tell all the great stores. There were times of gathering as a large group for singing, skits, guest speakers and worship where the energy and enthusiasm was very strong. We also met in smaller groups split between boys and girls to discuss topics and ask questions. Let me be the first to admit that when in a group of teenage boys and one of them asks you if you think you are successful, you do a quick and honest assessment of what is important, how to communicate it and say a little prayer before opening your mouth. These are moments of truth and sweaty palms. While the participants came from 3 different cities, there was no tribal behavior, forming of cliques or establishing pecking orders.

As the week progressed the skits became more creative with several groups putting together video clips. One group of boys did a skit of well choreographed synchronized swimming (on the stage) that was side spliting.

This year I became more closely connected with the older boys (young men). They have always challenged me in the past and I was hesitant to get involved with them (the hard ones to get through to). I was able to see them with different eyes and approach them with a more accepting attitude than in the past. Talk about a growth experience - one for me. More on the camp tommorw as I need to catch up on a little sleep.

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